Auricular Chromotherapy

Many people can and do recover from Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS). Some individuals recover quickly (within a matter of days to weeks), while others take longer (months to years) and this depends – to some extent – on the severity of the symptoms and how long a person has been affected.   We use the acronym R2ID to describe an approach to recover from EHS.


R2 – Reduce and Reset

Reduce your EMF/EMR exposure. This is the critical first step to recovery.

Reset your limbic system.  Some people with EHS seem to be in a constant state of “flight and fight” and these individuals need to “reset” their limbic system and improve its function in order to recover.

Immune System

Work with a medical practitioner to improve the functioning of your immune system.


Determine your toxic load and attempt to reduce it with advice from your health-care provider. In some individuals the toxic load may be chemicals (like mercury, lead, PCBs, drugs, etc.) and in other cases it may be due to pathogenic microorganisms (like mould, bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc).

To help “RESET” the limbic system you want to first eliminate any psychological trauma.

Auricular Chromotherapy developed by Dr. Daniel Asis is an effective approach in the treatment of Psychological Trauma, Phobia and Panic Disorders.  Please see the following paper for more details:

Dr. Asis website is:

The lights used for this auricular chromotherapy treatment, can be purchased at the following link.