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RALEIGH (WTVD) —┬áThe City of Raleigh is joining a growing number of cities looking at wireless signals from a health perspective.

On Tuesday, the Raleigh City Council will take part in a presentation on microwave radiation sickness and hear a testimonial.

The discussion stems from a growing number of people who say wireless signals make them physically ill.

Raleigh resident Andrew McAfee says it all started for him about seven years ago when he and his wife bought a house next to a television tower.

“After a couple of months living there, I started getting more headaches and bags under my eyes, my skin became like reptile leather,” he said.

McAfee says his symptoms kept getting worse and he eventually made the connection.

“Driving by the tower I’d just start feeling like, ‘wow, something hit me from the tower,'” he said.

They wound up moving, but McAfee says other electronics, including cell phones, had also begun to make him sick.

“It was very difficult to have this reputation that ‘oh, you can’t be around Andrew with a cell phone,’ and especially for my career, it’s been very difficult,” he said.

The studies on electro-magnetic sensitivity are inconclusive. But increasingly, cities are starting to take stories like McAfee’s seriously.

San Francisco just passed a law requiring cell phone retailers to post how much radiation their phones gives off. And many cities are considering moratoriums on building new towers.

McAfee is hoping Raleigh will do the same, but knows not much is likely to change anytime soon.

So in order to deal with it, he wears a lead hat when he travels by plane.

“It’s typically used by people after they get a radiation treatment to not let the radiation get out of their head; I’ve found it helps lessen the radiation that comes into my head when I’m around other people with cell phones,” McAfee said.

In Raleigh, one doctor’s office says they have treated multiple cases of electro-magnetic sensitivity and in that McAfee sees hope.

“There are now more and more of us, locally, that are supporting each other, so I don’t feel so alone anymore,” McAfee said.

Videos – Allergic to the 21st Century

“Allergic to the 21st Century” was Produced and directed by Anne-Claire Pilley, for the UK’s Channel-4, it features Electrosensitives Sarah Dacre, Roger Moller (also an Electromagetic Surveyor) and Adrian Gray.

Also featured are Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferers Andy Bracey and Gillian McCarthy who is also electrosensitive and suffers from from severe Myalgic Encephalomyelits (M.E. also referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS).

MCS-International.Org was consulted prior to the making of this documentary for information on Electrosensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and for possible leads on sufferers of these modern day plague illness who might be prepared to take part in the documentary. Having discussed these matters at some length with producer Anne-Claire Pilley, and having provided links to further important background material, we were happy to successfully arrange the initial meeting between producer Anne-Claire Pilley and severe MCS sufferer Gillian McCarthy during which Gillian agreed, despite considerable health difficulties, to take part in the documentary.

MCS-International.Org has had many enquiries about this documentary from interested sufferers since its initial showing on UK TV. Most of these enquiries where from sufferers who missed seeing it – and very much regretted that. Consequently, MCS-International.Org decided, in the public interest, to put this documentary into the public domain under a banner of “fair use”.

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