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About Diane: Making the Invisible Visible

I am a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, and New Build Consultant. My passion is helping people limit toxins on, in, and around their space. I test and asses air quality, water, and light quality, as well as measuring and mitigating harmful EMF levels.

My mission is to help you create work and living spaces for optimized health following the principles of Building Biology. I use science and common sense to help inform and empower you, the consumer,  on your journey to better health.

Diana's Mom (Dallas Morning News)

I was blessed with a trailblazing mother who, while tirelessly providing her family with the healthiest lifestyle possible, created a legacy of activism and awareness. An avid and persistent researcher whose motto was “Never let convenience get in the way of common sense,” she found her way to the forefront of the La Leche League, homeopathy, the organic food movement, and recycling in the late 1960s.

As a child, I cut my teeth on her zeal and inquiring mind, because she demonstrated how to keep digging until one got to the true source of an issue. Here she is featured in the Dallas Morning News in 1971 (I am the baby on her lap) discussing pollution, recycling, chemicals, organic food, and protecting the health of her family and the planet. I’ve dedicated my life to building on the knowledge, wisdom, and common-sense principles she distilled in our family culture.

Experience (and my mom) has taught me that when untangling a health mystery, there is always a root cause. During college, I started experiencing stomach symptoms, low energy, and a general malaise every time I subscribed to the popular carb-loading craze for long-distance runners. Alternative health research helped me realize I needed to eliminate gluten, and I’ve been gluten-free since 1991. As I learned more, I adjusted my diet to combat polycystic ovarian disease. Doctors at the time said it was not possible for diet to affect the disease, but consuming high fats, low carbs, and cutting the soy lattes that were being peddled as “healthy” was a game-changer, as did removing all of my silver (aka 50% mercury) tooth fillings in 1997. Research and science during the intervening years have increased our understanding and substantiated the evidence in these areas, but alternative health sources led the way.

Continued research and diligence have become even more important as our family has grown.

When Our family began experiencing some scary health issues after moving into our newly built house 5 years ago, my research led me to Building Biology and EMFs. Issues like severe insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, and extremity tingling were eliminated when we mitigated our space for EMFs. We tied me and my daughter’s issues to the incredibly high Radio Frequencies (RF) pulsing through the house and my son’s issues to the high electric and magnetic fields from all the wiring running from our entertainment systems behind his headboard wall.

EMFs were coming from a dozen interior sources that we were able to identify and systematically eliminate. We also found it necessary to shield our upper bedrooms from the strong exterior tower signals with specialty metal mesh, fabric and window film. We made a plan, took immediate action, and now we sleep peacefully through the night.

When I’m not consulting, researching, or curating the best non-toxic products, I enjoy spending time with my husband and children, Samantha, 20, Austin, 9, and Alexa, 8 in Austin, Texas. I am a lover of green tea, outdoor activities,  organic cooking, and traveling with my family. I am still running and have a personal goal of running a marathon on every continent, and I have three more to go!

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