ESS Doctors Series

This is a series of lectures given by doctors who are currently diagnosing and treating EHS. The purpose of this webinar series is to help doctors assess and treat patients with electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS) or electromagnetic illness (EMI). We will feature novel ways to assess and treat patients and will be presenting new developments in wireless technology and policy that affect doctors and their patients.

Webinar #1 with Dr. Corey Deacon

Why Can’t I Get Better: Your Brain on EMF’s
The structural and functional neurological effects of EMFs are well-documented. In this lecture Corey will talk about the compounding effects of EMF exposure with other inflammagens (such as mold, infections, and other biotoxins), COVID-19 and the detrimental effects of functional and structural effects in the brain leading to symptoms including but not limited to; anxiety, depression, cognitive difficulties, brain fog, dizziness, disorientation, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness/tingling and dehydration. He will also discuss diagnostic strategies to evaluate these effects using EEG and MRI imaging techniques, blood and urine biomarkers and treatments to reverse these issues.



Webinar #2 with Dr. Corey Deacon

Light up your Life: The Overlooked EMF with Extraordinary Healing Potential
The sufferers of EHS are often highly aware of the radio frequencies, microwave radiation, wireless technology, dirty electricity and the effects of magnetic fields on their health. The prime culprit of dysfunction due to excess exposure to these technologies is the mitochondria. Disruption in voltage gradients causes difficulties with mitochondria to tell time (AKA circadian rhythm functions). One often overlooked spectrum of EMF that plays a SIGNIFICANT role in repairing and regenerating these ‘time’ cycles is the visible light spectrum (AKA light).
In these EMF wavelengths quantum information is carried to our body which then triggers cascades of effects that regulate immunity, hormones, neurotransmitters, autophagy, cell cycles, growth and repair, digestive functions and more. The circadian rhythm regulation tells our body WHEN to do WHAT and when light exposure is deviant, all of our body systems can start becoming dysfunctional. In this presentation Corey will outline the basics of the circadian rhythm, the effects on the body, what happens when it deviates from normal function, and how to regulate it using light and temperature protocols to resolve inflammation, neurological issues, digestive problems, hormone regulation issues and more.