EHS Refuge Zone Open in France

There is a vast estate in the countryside of France that is a private emergency “Refuge Zone” that has been put at the disposal of EHS sufferers in distress, temporarily and without charge, on a humanitarian basis.

It is not a true White Zone, but is an area of low radiation without any EMF beams or lobe. The topography of the property eliminates most radiation, but there is still a variable residue from 15 kilometres away: with a major TV relay mast with mobile phone relay antennas. You will need to have your own caravan (aluminium body) with WC,
or a camping car (no tents).

The EHS persons who come must be able to look after themselves. It is essential for anyone wishing to stay, to come for “a preliminary test” of a few days to se if their health improves.

To see pictures and learn more about the EHS site click here:

More pictures including Faraday cages