WHO – World Health Organization and EHS

The World Health Organization has a web page devoted to EHS and although they recognize the illness, they can’t clearly demonstrate EHS is attributed to electromagnetic fields. This is based upon their pooling together studies that demonstrate that EHS sufferers cannot detect the presence of electromagnetic fields.

What is surprising about this conclusion is that the former director of the World Health Organization, Gro Harlem Brundtland was a medical doctor that was also EHS.  During interviews with her at the WHO, she had forbidden journalists from using cell phones in her office because of her EHS (electrohypersensitivity). This news was made public in Norway and Sweden and then a few months later, she had to abandon the leadership of the World Health Organization. Many point to Michael Repacholi and the the cell phone industry as authors of this proscription.

Dr. Brundtland is now very active with the Climate Change issue. Watch this youtube video.

The Dr. Carlos Sosa M.D. Story

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Carlos Sosa, M.D.

(physician and surgeon) and I’m presently living in Medellin, Colombia in South America.

During the month of May 2006, I was forced to leave my house because of the symptoms caused to me and my family by the microwaves of a wireless Internet (WiFi) mast (or antenna). The structure had been in our building for nearly three years and the company that owned it had been slowly raising the transmission frequency.

In May/06 I started feeling a terrible sense of unwellness: headaches, dizziness, insomnia, nausea, irritability, amnesia or forgetfulness and lack of attention or concentration capacity. I couldn’t bear being close to my house or to any other microwave mast, be it cell phone or WiFi antennas. I had to leave my house together with my whole family just to find out that the city was flooded by some 4000 masts that wouldn’t ‘t leave a single irradiated spot for us to live in.

I could sense the electromagnetic fields that were being given off by these antennas blocks away before I could even see them. Many times I felt like a burning candle in the back part of my head (occipital). We had to move to five different apartments all over the city because the situation was the same no matter where we went. I couldn’t find physical or mental peace anywhere in the city. I couldn’t study again which, being a Medical Doctor is a tragedy. Studying is my life and I wasn’t able to remember or to concentrate. I had to resign my position at the hospital where I worked because there were various microwave cell phone masts around the hospital. I could not stand being inside the Emergency Service because the electromagnetic contamination was just too high and I felt pain just trying to find a place to park the car. That used to be my daily routine.

Despite the fact that I tried to get help from local health authorities and the National Ministry of Communications of Colombia, nobody actually helped me. I sent my written reports with medical evidence to our city Health Secretary. He probably laughed a lot.

A few months later I found out of Dr. William Rea who runs the Environmental Health Clinic in Dallas, Texas. I left immediately in search of his help. I already knew I had Microwave Syndrome. The alterations in my physiology were serious enough to seek help anywhere in the world.

In Colombia, not a single medical doctor is trained in any of the universities to treat this problem. It’s simply not taught anywhere in pre-graduate or graduate programs in medical schools around the country. Plus, being a medical doctor, I know of the IGNORANCE and DOGMATISM of the medical profession. If I made it public I would be tried for witchcraft. Despite this, I tried a very prestigious neurologist who had studied in Great Britain. He didn’t even know the syndrome existed in Medicine and he tried to laugh before I showed him my box with some 2000 medical publications from all medical specialties written by doctors from all over the world.

In Dallas I was able to meet people from the five continents with exactly my same story: they had been subject to microwave radiation from a mast that was one, two, three or four blocks away.

I was not considering the possibility of surviving in the measure that my neurological functions were deeply affected. My best option at that point in time was committing suicide and I thought about it every hour of every day. Dr. Rea made the diagnosis of a toxic encephalopathy, immune dysregulation and dysautonomy. All of these diagnoses are a direct consequence of microwave irradiation. It had been many years since I had cried. I stayed in the clinic’s rest room for half an hour trying to vanish the traces of the tears and my red eyes. I knew how serious the situation was. Basically all of my life, my profession and my neurological integrity was at stake.

Dr. Rea taught me a lot. I will be eternally grateful to him. Though he wanted me to stay for two or three months, my economical situation did not allow for it. The very first day I had to spend almost all of my money in lab examinations. The medical results at the clinic spread through all of the gamut of possibilities from no response, partial recovery, functional symptoms, to total cure.

I returned to Colombia in search of a place to hide from microwaves in the jungle. I visited tens of towns and states around the country. The nation is totally contaminated with electromagnetic smog. And Colombia is far better than any city in the United States or Europe. I finally managed to find a spot at one of the turns of the Andes Mountains. It was a beautiful place with a creek, a forest, a 200 year old house with no electricity and pure air. (All those interested, please just write to [email protected]). Though I could sense the electromagnetic fields coming probably from radar units, there was a big reduction in the symptoms that allowed me to start recovering. After staying there for 5 months I had to return to the city, because I was starting to feel the microwaves of the airplanes crossing in the sky. Unfortunately, there was an international air navigation route on the sky and I had to leave in very much pain back to the city.

It was Dr. George Carlo, head of the epidemiology branch of the CTIA of the United States, who denounced publicly the evidence that they had concerning genetic damages, lymphomas, rupture of the brain-blood-barrier, presence of micronuclei, etc. The criteria used in Medicine and specifically in Epidemiology to establish a causal relationship between a chemical, bacterial or physical agent and disease, were fulfilled in less than ten years, states Carlo. These criteria, known as the Koch-Henle postulates, have proven that microwaves from cell phone telephony affect human health in a catastrophic way.

Not a single government in the world cares. Only through litigation will changes become effective.

My case, just like the case of other medical doctors who are or have been electro-sensitive, is just another modern version of infamy. Among these is the case of the former director of WHO and Norwegian prime minister: Gro Harlem Brundtland. She had forbidden journalists from using cell phones in her office because of her EHS (electrohypersensitivity). The news was made public in Norway and Sweden. A few months later, she had to abandon the leadership of the World Health Organization. Many point to Michael Repacholi and the the cell phone industry as authors of this proscription. Dr. Brundtland eventually became another patient in Dallas.

Like her, Dr. Arthur Firstenberg and Dr. Lisa Nagy have become the tips of the icebergs. There is no doubt: the Microwave Syndrome is not only the biggest experiment in the history of Mankind, but also, it is one of the biggest epidemics recorded in Medicine (after the Black Death, influenza, malaria, AIDS, etc). The Health Department of the State of California is estimating that the total number of people affected in the United States by EHS or the Microwave Syndrome is over ONE MILLION people.

In not a single Medicine book or journal in the world, be it a genetics, a physiology, a histology, a molecular biology, a biochemistry, a microbiology, an internal medicine, a pediatrics, a surgery, a neurology, a cardiology, or any other text does it say that the human cell was designed to to withstand microwave radiation day and night throughout the years. This is a creation, an invention or a lie from the cell phone industry. This industry was set up by engineers, physicist, electricians and many times, by graduates of elementary school who had no credentials and no knowledge of Medicine whatsoever. That’s the reason why many of us are ill or actually dying. As long as the cell phone industry owns the World Health Organization, the crime will proceed. The credibility gap of the WHO extends well beyond the Milky Way. The ethical conflict is patent. The international epidemic of the microwave syndrome is getting to levels of genocide. And Michael Repacholi is internationally responsible for CRIMES AGAINST MANKIND. The knowledge was there since the 1920’s.

Originally described in the Soviet Union during the 1940’s and 1950’s, the Microwave Syndrome, also called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, Microwave Disease, Radio-frequency Sickness, Radar Disease, Electric Sensitivity, Cell Phone Disease, Cell Phone Mast Disease constitutes a CRIME AGAINST MANKIND on behalf of the international cell phone industry. Soviet medical reports were already describing the damaging action of electromagnetic fields on human beings in the 1920’s. The microwaving of approximately 80-90% of the human population is, according to Dr. Leif Salford of the Neurosurgery Department of Lund University in Sweden, the greatest experiment ever conducted against Man. Medical ethics codes have been violated by the World Health Organization taken over by the the cell phone industry in 1996.

The Microwave Syndrome or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, constitutes a criminal action that has violated medical ethics, the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Declaration, and Human Rights of MANKIND as a species. It is an international HOLOCAUST that is killing hundreds of thousands around the world. Not a single health authority in Great Britain, the United States, Spain, Germany, France or Colombia cares at all.

Taking into account the medical literature of the Soviet Union, Poland and Czechoslovakia, the total number of international medical references concerning this problem easily exceeds 100 million and they started to be published more than 80 years ago. The problem is not new. Furthermore, the British government knew of the symptoms of the operators of the radar antennas during the Second World War: the same symptoms that people who are subject to microwaves from cell phone masts experience. Microwave radiation is pertinent to cause death. Not a single government in the world cares because of the giant fortunes involved.

The World Health Organization, years ago a very serious and respectable institution, was bought in 1996 by the former director of the ICNIRP (International Commission for Non-ionizing Radiation Protection), Michael Repacholi. The ICNIRP is a private organization that was built up in order to protect the private interests of the American and European cell phone industry. In many regards, cell phones pose an equivalent problem as cocaine traffickers. No matter how damaging it actually is, there will always be corrupted officials who are willing to sell their conscience for money and look the other way. There is a present international campaign to submit Michael Repacholi to international justice for CRIMES AGAINST MANKIND. I personally hold Michael Repacholi responsible for my EHS. This person has to be sent to criminal trial for his actions against millions of human beings in the five continents. The WHO knew of this damaging action decades before the introduction of cell phone telephony in the world. Repacholi did not care. In 1973 the WHO conducted an international Congress in Warsaw under the auspices of the government of Poland and the Federal Drug Administration of the United States. The results of this congress were published in the book entitled: “Biologic Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation.” I have heard that Michael Repacholi ordered this book burned.

Repacholi recently revealed that up to half of the funds raised for the EMF project of the World Health Organization came from the cell phone industry.

The conflict of interests is like having the tobacco industry sponsor research in order to deny that cigarettes cause lung cancer, mouth floor cancer, larynx cancer, pharynx cancer, coronary disease, peripheral vascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, myocardial infarction, strokes, etc.

The Microwave Syndrome, as it was originally described by Soviet medical investigators consists of:

– A neurasthenic syndrome: fatigue, irritability, nausea, headaches, anorexia, depression, dizziness

– A cardiovascular syndrome: bradycardia, tachycardia, hypertension or low blood pressure

– A diencephalic syndrome: memory problems, concentration difficulties, insomnia

Chronic exposure to microwaves is associated with dermatological lesions, leukemia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (epidemic), brain tumors (epidemic), changes in the electroencephalogram, cardiac arrhythmias, reproduction problems, allergies, hypothyroidism, sinusitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.

Because it was known since the 1920’s that microwaves are bio-active, lawyers like Peter Angelos in the USA are making a fortune in litigation processes (similar to those against the tobacco industry) against the cell phone industry. Not only that, but Motorola openly lied to the federal government and its agencies when it stated that they had thousands of studies that proved that microwaves caused no ham. Last year, the judicial system of the United States established that the brain tumor that the patient Sharesa Price had was a direct consequence of cell phone use. Repacholi is totally silent, as so as the cell phone industry and the World Health Organization.

Because of this grave crisis that almost cost me my life, I started investigating on a possible cure for EHS or microwave syndrome. I developed an approach that reconstructs previous Soviet treatments and modern medicine. I started my own site in the hope of helping people around the world to overcome this tragedy ( www.thesanctuarydrsosa.com ). I presently live outside the city in a place with a very low microwave radiation level- a sanctuary.

Colombia has had some of the most astonishing cases in the world. One of them was located in Valledupar in the northern part of the country. One thousand people in El Amparo neighborhood are sick because of two giant cell phone masts. They are selling 250 houses because of the microwave syndrome people are suffering. The government says it’s just coincidence.

I want to dedicate my life to help other patients who like me, are facing an infamous situation caused by human greed. I have tons of medical information that I want to share with everybody. Feel free to contact me. There is hope and Medicine does in fact have treatment options to offer.

Dr. Carlos Sosa, M.D.

Medellin, Colombia

South America

[email protected]

Microwaves Imitate Pesticides

An article by Lucinda Grant who was director of the national support group Electrical Sensitivity Network and author of the books The Electrical Sensitivity Handbook and Workstation Radiation.

This article shows that US and Soviet studies have confirmed the link between chemical and electrical hypersensitivity.

Gene Abnormality Found To Predict Childhood Leukemia Relapse

Electromagnetic radiation from power lines and transformers have known to be a cause in childhood leukemia.  Children that have recovered often relapse when they are placed back into a home with high magnetic fields.  Not all children will get leukemia when living close to powerlines, but it seems that some children that have a specific gene have higher rates of relapse.   The National Cancer Institute has identified these genes.

Press release for the National Cancer Institute

Scientists have identified mutations in a gene that predict a high likelihood of relapse in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Although the researchers caution that further research is needed to determine how changes in the gene, called IKZF1 or IKAROS, lead to leukemia relapse, the findings are likely to provide the basis for future diagnostic tests to assess the risk of treatment failure. By using a molecular test to identify this genetic marker in ALL patients, physicians should be better able to assign patients to appropriate therapies.

The findings of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) study, led by scientists from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tenn., the University of New Mexico Cancer Research and Treatment Center, Albuquerque, N.M., and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health, appear online Jan.7, 2009, in the New England Journal of Medicine, and in print on Jan. 29, 2009.

ALL, a cancer of the white blood cells, is the most common childhood cancer, in that it affects about one in 29,000 children annually. Using currently available therapies, cure rates for ALL are now upwards of 80 percent. However, those therapies carry with them substantial side effects, and even with treatment, only 30 percent of children who experience a relapse of ALL will survive five years. Determining the risk of relapse faced by an individual patient would help physicians tailor treatment intensity appropriately, but until now there has been no good marker for predicting outcome.

“Great progress has been made in recent years in improving the cure rate of childhood ALL,” said Stephen Hunger, M.D., chairman of the COG ALL committee and the lead COG investigator on this study. “The findings of this study help us further subdivide those patients who are unlikely to be cured, and identify patients in whom different therapies should be tested.”

In the study, researchers analyzed genetic data on leukemia cells obtained at diagnosis from 221 children with high-risk leukemia (i.e. a high chance of relapse) who had been treated in an existing COG study. They conducted their analysis using microarrays and DNA sequencing – technologies which allow researchers to quickly and efficiently identify and analyze multiple genes simultaneously in the same cell. Using these technologies to identify genetic abnormalities in leukemia cells, the investigators examined the DNA of the leukemia cells at the time of diagnosis and then determined if any of the identified genetic changes predicted relapse. To confirm that specific genetic changes were associated with relapse, the scientists also examined a second group of 258 children with ALL who were treated at St. Jude.

“We looked across the genome in an unbiased fashion in an attempt to pull out any genes that were significantly associated with outcome,” said Charles Mullighan, M.D., Ph.D., assistant member in the St. Jude Department of Pathology and the paper’s first author. “From these findings, we identified a group of genetic abnormalities that together predicted poor outcome.”

The most significant association was with the deletions or changes in the IKAROS gene. Mutations ofIKAROS were shown to identify a subgroup of patients who were treated in the COG study that had a very poor prognosis. The prognostic significance of these genetic alterations was validated in the independent St. Jude patient group, a finding of particular importance since different types of therapies were used in these two groups of patients.

Previous research has shown that the IKAROS gene serves as the blueprint for the production of theIKAROS protein, which regulates the activity of many other genes. The IKAROS protein plays an essential role in the development of lymphocytes, the white blood cells that, when changed, give rise to pediatric ALL. The way in which IKAROS abnormalities contribute to the development of relapse remains to be determined.

The study also examined gene expression in the leukemia cells using microarray chips, and found that leukemia cells from patients with IKAROS alterations expressed primitive, stem cell-like genes, suggesting that the cells are less mature and possibly more resistant to the effects of drugs used to treat ALL. “These findings show how detailed analysis of leukemic cells using complementary techniques can enhance our understanding of the genetic basis of leukemia,” said co-author Cheryl Willman, M.D., director and CEO, University of New Mexico Cancer Research and Treatment Center.

The researchers also tested whether the presence of IKAROS alterations was associated with levels of minimal residual disease, another measure of treatment response in ALL.

“Measurement of levels of minimal residual disease is widely used to monitor treatment responsiveness and also to alter patients’ therapy if they have a very poor response to treatment,” said James Downing, M.D., St. Jude scientific director and the paper’s senior author. “An important analysis we conducted was to see whether identifying the association of IKAROS alterations with poor outcome added anything to just measuring levels of minimal residual disease. And, indeed, it did.”

The researchers’ analysis indicated that identifying IKAROS alterations may be clinically useful and will complement existing diagnostic tests and measurement of minimal residual disease levels.

While a clinical test for alterations of IKAROS could prove valuable for predicting poor outcomes in children with ALL, complexities remain. There are different types of deletions in the gene, some that involve the entire IKAROS gene and others that involve only parts of the gene. Because the genetic alterations in IKAROS in ALL are not uniform or limited to a single mutation or deletion, it may be necessary to develop a panel of different tests to detect IKAROS lesions and identify which patients are at highest risk for relapse.

This research was done as part of the NCI Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments (TARGET) initiative, which seeks to utilize the study of genomics to identify therapeutic targets in order to develop more effective treatments for childhood cancers. The first two cancers being studied in the program are ALL and neuroblastoma, a cancer that arises in immature nerve cells and affects mostly infants and children. Combined, these two cancers account for 3,000 new cases each year, and in both cancers, there are some children who have a very favorable prognosis and others who are at high risk for treatment failure. By determining the genetic factors that distinguish these groups, the hope is that researchers can use this information to improve patient outcomes and develop better treatments, particularly for those in the high-risk group.

“In the long term, our goal is to develop effective therapeutic interventions, directed toward vulnerabilities that leukemia cells acquire as a result of the genomic abnormalities identified through the TARGET initiative,” said Malcolm Smith, M.D., Ph.D., of NCI’s Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program. These are the first results to come out of this initiative. For more information about TARGET, please visit http://target.cancer.gov

My Life 6 Feet Under Cell Phone Towers

“If 3 months ago you told Veronica there were reasons she might not want to buy an iPad, she probably would have ignored you, laughed even. But a lot can happen in 3 months, including an installation of cell towers 6 feet above her head, and a steep learning curve regarding the safety or lack there of, of wireless technology. The last thing on her mind, is buying another wireless device of any sort.”

Click HERE to read her story…

Cellular Telephone – Russian Roulette

Robert C. Kane had been working as top developer inside Motorola for decades, developing mobile phones. He died from brain cancer a few years ago, not without leaving this planet with a message, which you can find in his book:

Robert C. Kane - Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette - Cover

Robert. C. Kane
Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette

Robert C. Kane has been actively employed in the telecommunications industry for more than thirty years. He holds a BSEE from the Midwest College of Engineering, an MSEE with an emphasis in electromagnetics from the Illinois Institute of Technology and also at the Illinois Institute of Technology, has completed the full course of study and research leading to the Ph.D. in electrical engineering with emphasis in the fields of electromagnetics and solid-state physics.

As a research scientist and product design engineer, he has been directly involved with programs and projects for the design and development of portable cell phones, radio frequency mobile radios, microwave telecommunications systems, video display systems, and biological effects research.

The book is very technical, with limits of “considered” safe radiation levels discussed to no ends – but it goes to prove that the cell phones radiation is not safe.

The book is now out of print and used copies are selling on Amazon.com but you can download the book for free.

Click here to download the book


Michael Heiming Measures in Situ – France

Michael Heiming is very active in France helping the Next Up Organization to promote awareness of EMF and providing site surveys.

His website is Microondes can be found here http://microondes.wordpress.com

EHS Refuge Zone Open in France

There is a vast estate in the countryside of France that is a private emergency “Refuge Zone” that has been put at the disposal of EHS sufferers in distress, temporarily and without charge, on a humanitarian basis.

It is not a true White Zone, but is an area of low radiation without any EMF beams or lobe. The topography of the property eliminates most radiation, but there is still a variable residue from 15 kilometres away: with a major TV relay mast with mobile phone relay antennas. You will need to have your own caravan (aluminium body) with WC,
or a camping car (no tents).

The EHS persons who come must be able to look after themselves. It is essential for anyone wishing to stay, to come for “a preliminary test” of a few days to se if their health improves.

To see pictures and learn more about the EHS site click here:


More pictures including Faraday cages


Electromagnetism and Life by Dr. Robert Becker

Is his time, Dr. Robert Becker was regarded to be the most well renown scientist who’s work involved demonstrating the healthful and harmful effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body. One of his books, Electromagnetism and Life has now been published for free on the internet and you can view it here:


DJ Steve Miller is allergic to wi-fi

FOR popular recording artist/DL – Steve Miller, a trip to his local High Street is a living hell that makes him sick, dizzy and confused. Pubs make him feel the same and he can’t use trains, airports or hotels without experiencing head-banging agony. But Steve doesn’t suffer from some strange phobia. He is allergic to wi-fi.
He has released an album called Electrosensitive – and chose the name to bring awareness to his illness.

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