Heavy metals in patients suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Risks from electromagnetic devices are of considerable concern. Electrohypersensitive (EHS) persons attribute a variety of rather unspecific symptoms to the exposure to electromagnetic fields. The pathophysiology of EHS is unknown and therapy remains a challenge.


Heavy metal load has been discussed as a potential factor in the symptomatology of EHS patients. The main objective of the study was to test the hypothesis of a link between EHS and heavy metal exposure.


We measured lead, mercury and cadmium concentrations in the blood of 132 patients (n = 42 males and n = 90 females) and 101 controls (n = 34 males and n = 67 females).


Our results show that heavy metal load is of no concern in most cases of EHS but might play a role in exceptional cases.


The data do not support the general advice to heavy metal detoxification in EHS.

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